The YAKINDU EA-Bridge was tested with Eclipse versions Oxygen (4.7) until Eclipse 2019-12 (4.14), but it probably also works with other versions. All additionally required plug-ins, including Eclipse UML2, are typically be installed with the YAKINDU EA-Bridge (the Eclipse update manager automatically fetches required plug-ins from respective Eclipse update sites).

The YAKINDU EA-Bridge was tested with Microsoft Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), and Mac OS. Some features, however, are only available on the Microsoft Windows platform with the Enterprise Architect being installed.

Download pre-installed Bundle

The easiest option to test the YAKINDU EA-Bridge is to download the pre-installed bundle. The trial version of the YAKINDU EA-Bridge is installed into an up-to-date Eclipse, and it comes with a nice welcome screen:

Welcome page of the Example Distribution

Installation Instructions

The YAKINDU EA-Bridge can be installed from an Update Site into an existing Eclipse instance. The easiest way to do so is to install it directly from the online update site.

Online Update Site

Within Eclipse, select 'Help' - 'Install New Software...' and add the update site below. If dependencies cannot be resolved (e.g. to the UML feature), make sure that the Eclipse release update site is listed in the available updates.

Then continue selecting the features you would like to install as explained next.

Offline Update Site

The YAKINDU EA-Bridge update site archive files can be downloaded from the following location:

Installing YAKINDU EA-Bridge Features

The YAKINDU EA-Bridge consists of several features that you may install.

Select desired features from the YAKINDU EA-Bridge Update Site

YAKINDU EA-Bridge Core
The core of the YAKINDU EA-Bridge. Must be installed.
The UML part of the YAKINDU EA-Bridge. Must be installed.
YAKINDU EA-Bridge Examples
Several example projects that illustrate the functionality of the YAKINDU EA-Bridge (more details in the Eclipse help).
YAKINDU EA-Bridge EA Integration
Additional integration features with an Enterprise Architect installation; only available on Windows.
YAKINDU EA-Bridge MSSQL Database Driver
Contains additional database drivers for EA model repositories in remote database management systems such as on a MSSQL server. Further database drivers will be added in the future. If you need a specific DBMS driver which is not yet available, please contact us.
YAKINDU EA-Bridge Development Tools
This feature enables additional development operations like partial model reloading, showing detailed EA element information, or support for experimental UML model concepts (more details in the Eclipse help).
YAKINDU EA-Bridge (UML) UI and Documentation
User interface and help pages; they should only be omitted for headless applications.

Finish the wizard and restart Eclipse when requested. Please note that a license error is shown if a valid license file is not yet installed; this is explained in the next section. After restarting Eclipse, you can verify the installation in the preferences via Window - Preferences - YAKINDU EA-Bridge. If the installation was successful, several options as well as information about your license is shown there.

License File

The YAKINDU EA-Bridge requires a valid license file which is sent separately to the email address that was registered in the YAKINDU Shop. Go to Preferences - YAKINDU License to import a license file, or save it into the main Eclipse folder next to the eclipse binary (e.g. eclipse.exe).

To learn more about how to use the YAKINDU EA-Bridge to access EA models, continue with the YAKINDU EA-Bridge documentation in the Eclipse help as shown in the screenshots below.

Open Eclipse help

YAKINDU EA-Bridge documentation in the Eclipse help


Your feedback is important for us and for you!

The number of use cases is not limited to the scenarios covered in this documentation and in the examples. If the YAKINDU EA-Bridge does not work as expected or if you request a specific feature, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will reply as soon as possible: